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Notes for school

deinstallation pink tape flowers

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Re blogging...Simply So Good: Homemade Cultured Butter

Simply So Good: Homemade Cultured Butter:  Look what I can do.   Right now I'm probably about the coolest person I know because I can make my own cultured butter. I...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

we see the past darkly through a glass

a deeply moving adventure to see the place my grandparents lived in the 1920s above their drugstore

i am cold and shaking and excited, i feel a bit dizzy. the adventure to see the apartment above my grandparents drugstore where they lived was exhilarating. dangerous and dirty , beauty under debris . a am captivated. my photos are inadequate . i crave more. it was tremendous.  their dust is on me and my clothes. the dimly lit photos taken as large as files would permit.. 
there nature feels to me like that of the experience of trying to see the past, trying to know it, it cannot really be known, although we can find bits of things, shiny and not. the feeling of that time , any past time alludes us. though we want it so badly . this nostalgia , an illness they use to call it. an affliction for sure, a haunted need that will go truly unfilled. it is something that has been much studied then and then and then and now and will be.  to touch time that is gone by is an ill wish. and its not really about that at all. what it is about is something more profound. looking for something that is real, but better than our real. things must have been better? no things where not better, some things where different and some were the same. and you can stand in the room where they happened and still not be there. i don't know what else to say. i can't find the words , like my camera can't find enough light to illuminate well what little is left.

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thanks snoopy

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fever dreamers video still

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video still

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Merry Twistmas sketching

society6 my page


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the week in science

Merry Twistmas!! December 2012 Twist Art Gallery

merry Twistmas craft and small work show for december in twist 73

featuring: Sarah Dark, Sarah Shearer, Elizabeth Streight with her
Belle Be designs, Amy Krimsier, Goose Girl, Goose and Gander baby
clothes. and several more.

Elle Long and Penny Felts at Twist etc. december 2012

Elle Long and Penny Felts at Twist etc. december 2012

The Decades Project


I am a film/instant photographer. I spend my time trying to put dreams and poetry into images. 
I have studied photography for a good part of my life, in classrooms or bookstores.
I have been published in multiple issues of LightLeaks magazine, and JPGmag.
My photographs have been in shows in NY, Italy, Paris and London.


Elle Long is an independent model living and working with a passion for film; both Polaroid and celluloid, print and motion.
She has been printed in the pages of a handful of magazines including Vigoré! and Votive, and walks on runways and into films and music videos.


Polaroid artist Penny Felts has always had a love for vintage clothes, jewelry and cameras. A shared love of the aesthetic of old and a strong mutual admiration brought Penny and Elle together for this project. What began as Penny's brainchild became a complete collaboration between two artists - from research to wardrobe and styling, hair and makeup.

Originally eight diptychs from the 1920's through the 1990's, a version of this series was published as an 'Eight Exposures' blog by We've since added two decades (1910 & 2000's), and have chosen to display several of the outtakes for this show.

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Paper app

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Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatham. The portraits

Video stills

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cabbage bowl, celadon on porcelain

Monday, November 05, 2012

Celadon on porcelain cabbage bowls


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Check out Sarah Masen Darks artwork , textiles and pottery at Midsouth Ceramics ( The Clay Lady Studio)....from 10 -4 pm tomorrow Sat Nov 3rd

Check out Sarah Masen Darks artwork , textiles and pottery at Midsouth Ceramics ( The Clay Lady Studio)....from 10 -4 pm tomorrow Sat Nov 3rd