Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twist etc. november 2012

at twist etc.

‎"A Beast of a Feast"
Setting a table, passing a story around like a side dish. Words, bites, laughter, drink; all layers of the family meal rest on the table as do the plates, bottles, cups, platters, bowls. It's a warm invitation to dine. All beasts are welcome.
You'll find a full table set in hand built ceramic pieces with sculpted additions of various creatures by Amy Krimsier Sterling.
Conversations overlap, subjects fade in and out fluidly, currents of aroma swirl through the room and bounce off the walls. You'll try to wrap your head around it all, but float instead through the evening. A salon, a feast for the inspired beast.
You'll find song, rhythmic chatter, and letterforms taking flight in illustrated thoughts hung around the room by Rhonda Zayas.