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the dance recitals... or maybe this explains me abit

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pink maske

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hall ghost two doors

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arcade ghost

artist statement: Lauren Kussro May 2011 space #73

Artist statement: Lauren Kussro May 2011 space #73

A Joyous Outpouring

The pursuit of beauty, and bringing it into the sphere of the viewer
is one of my most imperative roles as an artist. I believe that the
contemporary art world has lost a sense of the importance of beauty
and it’s enriching and nurturing influence on the human soul. Thomas
Moore in Care of the Soul, states it very well here: "If we are going to
care for the soul, and if we know that the soul is nurtured by beauty,
then we will have to understand beauty more deeply and give it a more
prominent place in life. “ Regrettably, beauty has become a somewhat
taboo subject in the art world in recent years. Discord, dark emotions,
desecration, and violence have become more prevalent in contemporary
art, all in the name of artistic expression. Beauty is often seen as trite,
sentimental, and saccharine.

In this show, I want to create an environment that places the viewer
in an arena where beauty is relevant and acceptable and is used as
a vehicle for evoking essential emotions such as joy, hope, delight,
excitement, happiness, and yearning. I continue to explore the use of
paper, printmaking, drawing, sewing, sculpting, light, texture, pattern…
utilizing all of these materials and techniques to create objects that are a
joyous outpouring, a leap towards truth.

“Wherever beauty lies in wait for us, the desire to pre-empt its appeal
can intervene, ensuring that its still small voice will not be heard behind
the scenes of desecration. For beauty makes a claim on us: it is a call to
renounce our narcissism and look with reverence on the world.” Roger
Scruton, The Flight From Beauty

May we allow beauty to claim us, and may we never stifle the still small voice.

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ghosts series

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blue ghost

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J. Todd Greene painting class

For those interested...
"Tapping into the Genius," Painting class taught by Todd Greene, 6 weeks, in 12 south area, next to Burger Up. $200 includes supplies. April 28-June 2 / 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

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Lauren Kussro at Twist Art Gallery May 2011

LAUREN KUSSRO My work references the inherent design and beauty found
within the natural world, even though the forms I create are rarely copies of an
actual physical object from nature. I find it more challenging and enjoyable to
design sculptural forms from my imagination, as if I am creating pieces that could
exist in a parallel universe. A successful juxtaposition of recognizable organic
forms such as flowers and leaves with more abstract forms is satisfying to create,
as well as being satisfying visually for the viewer. Through play and
experimentation, which are my favorite steps in the art-making process, I discover
which forms I like and wish to recreate in multiples.

When assembling a piece, I focus on craftsmanship and detail and am very
concerned with achieving a visual balance. I like the sensory richness that can
be achieved by combining various materials such as paper, wood, paint, ink,
thread, and wax. To give the work an added layer of texture and detail, I design
and draw ornate patterns and hand print them on paper using silkscreen, woodcut,
or linocut. Although building the sculptures takes a great deal of time, all the
processes of designing, drawing, printing, cutting, sewing, and building are
important, and the more work I put into the pieces, the more there is for the viewer
to explore.

As a printmaker – I enjoy using repetitive forms and designs to create continuity
and a layered visual history. As a sculptor – I enjoy designing and constructing
three-dimensional forms that can physically enter the space occupied by the
viewer. Both of these elements come together to form environments. The
idea that I can radically change a space by superimposing an environment of
my own creation is one that drives my work. I am fascinated by the fact that
merely altering the appearance of a space can change a person’s perceptions
or their mood, and I am interested in the ways that this can occur. I have been
experimenting with this in recent work by coming up with different ways of using
light. I am also interested in pursuing the use of sound or smell to change the
space, as well making work on a much larger scale.

Ultimately I seek to create echoes of nature in works of art that invite you to
slow down and enjoy the acts of observing and investigating. Anyone visiting the
artwork should encounter an environment where they can be met and beguiled by

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making the skool art

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