Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anxious Days group show at Twist Art Gallery March 2011

The Arcade, Twist (Space 73)
Nashville TN 37219

Twist Gallery presents a group show curated by Brady Haston of prints
entitled “Anxious Days” at the Arcade for March’s Art Crawl.

“Anxious Days” showcases the work of Douglas Bosley, Luca Cruzat, Elena
Grajek, Rachel Jackson, Ben Moreau, Lauren Pakradooni, and Mark Rice. The
artist in this show, come from across the United States and are committed to
continuing the traditions of printmaking as we move forward into the twenty-
first century. The show reflects the anxiety present in a world where terror
alerts, possible pandemics, and full body scans are a growing part of our
daily experience. “Anxious Days”, captures this dread with subject matter that
illustrates an apocalyptic possibility through both representation and abstraction.
Ultimately, the viewer is included in this contemporary psychosis as they pause
to enjoy the printed images.

Twist will be showing a group show of prints: “Anxious Days”, that opens March
5 at 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm during the first Saturday art crawl. The show will be in
the Twist Gallery, space 73 Arcade.