Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ripple Effect : gallery F @ Scarritt Bennett

What happens when 26 artists play a game of “telephone”
with their art? When one artist creates a piece of art, and a second artist creates a piece of art in response to the first piece, and so on… ?

OPENING RECEPTION: Sat, August 21, 6 to 9p

Since July 5, French artist Corinne Spielewoy has been working in collaboration with 25 local artists to create a collection of interconnected pieces of art – in which one anchor piece of art has a gradually spreading influence on all of the others. In preparation for the opening of the exhibit, each artist was given three days to create a piece in response to the previous piece. The culmination of this cooperative effort will be featured in Ripple Effectwith a variety of media represented, including dance,
video, sculpture, and painting.

Inspired by the idea that it is vital for humans to be aware
of our connection to each other, Spielewoy’s goal is to bring
meaning back into human relationships through art projects
that encourage direct human contact. For more information
about Corinne Spielewoy and Ripple Effect, visit www.arippleeffect.org.

GALLERY HOURS: Tues-Fri 9-6p • Sat-Sun 9a-4p
MORE INFO: sschlunk@scarrittbennett.org


Participating artists: Corinne Spielewoy, Adrienne Bailey, Beth Gilmore, Brady Haston, Brandon Donahue, Channing Bailey, Erika Wollam Nichols, Erin Plew, Moses Williams, Iris Kleinschmidt, Jennifer Leach, Jessica Owings, Kristi Hargrove, Lesley Patterson, Mandy Horton, Matt Christy, Maya Moore, Matthew Simmons, Michael Osheroff, Patricia Earnhardt, Robert Bruce Scott, Robin Paris, Rocky Horton, Ron Lambert, Sabine Schlunk, Sara Estes, Jodi Hays

OPEN STUDIOS 3. ONE NIGHT ONLY - AUG 21, 6 - 9P gallery F’s artists-in-residence will open their studios for a tour during the opening reception. Stop in to see the work of Patricia Earnhardt, Sara Estes, Matt Christy, Jen Georgescu, Erin Plew, Adrienne Bailey, Channing Bailey and Sabine Schlunk. A surprise shuttle will be provided for transportation between gallery F. and the studios.

Download flier (pdf)
1000 19th Ave. S. (corner of Grand Ave. and 19th Ave. S.)