Wednesday, August 04, 2010

J. Todd Greene opens the new Twist etc. space in the arcade

August 7th 2010 from 6-9pm with a performance by Todd's band Bulb

Arcade spaces 75 and 77 are Twist etc.

Todd's show is called" Can't recall the future as well as i use to"

Artist statement

For years I have been interested in the exploration of paradox free will and predestination, being and not being, self preservation and self-destruction. I have used visual metaphors for these thoughts including carnival clowns complete with religious roadside slogans, rabbis flying new patriot machine-like helicopters, paintings and constructions resembling the miraculous balancing rock formations seen in the Southwestern landscapes of the U.S. and reproductions of imagined futuristic cave drawings. It is my intention to continue in this vein for my own personal awakening and desire to create spiritual devices to be discovered by the public.

the band is Bulb

Sarah is in the band too.