Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nashville Scene

Beth Gilmore's Souvenir Part 2 at Belmont Mansion
When: Mondays-Saturdays. Continues through June 30
Following in the footsteps of her recent show at Downtown Presbyterian Church, Beth Gilmore opens the second installment of her two-part exhibition at Belmont Mansion. Souvenir Part 2 is a direct extension of the last show, but it features all new work in various media. Playing on the word “souvenir” (“to remember” in French), Gilmore's show attempts to evoke the presence of the past in her choice of venues as well as materials. Including photography, prints and installation elements, Gilmore's created moment is one where modern people share snapshots with long-lost ancestors, a My Little Pony frolics in an Antebellum mansion and the artist herself appears in her work wearing a dress that was last in style during the Civil War.
— Joe Nolan

Belmont Mansion
o Belmont/ Edgehill/ Hillsboro Village 1900 Belmont Blvd.
o phone 615-460-5459