Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Twist Art Gallery presents: Every Memory Has A Golden Name

Twist Art Gallery presents:
Every Memory Has A Golden Name
Irene Wills , Mark Sloniker and Ellen Sadler
April 3 - 25, 2010

Mark Sloniker grew up in rural Wisconsin, the son of a factory
worker/wood craftsman and a substitute teacher. He spent most of his
youth in the woods watching the animals and putting on operas among
the trees.

In high school, he studied music and took a few art courses. He
received an associate arts degree from Cornerstone College and a
Bachelor of Music from Millikin University.

In 1997 Mark moved to Nashville. Through small steps and good
friends, he started taking freelance jobs in commercial art while also
working at a non-profit organization. He eventually quit the non-profit
and took various jobs ranging from the decorative arts to graphic

In 2004, he was approached by his friends who make up the band
Venus Hum to do the artwork for their next album, The Colors In The
Wheel. This collaboration grew to encompass everything visual for
them including CDs, posters, and even characters.

Currently, he is employed by Animax Designs as a workshop supervisor
building puppets for major theme parks all over the world.

Artist Statement:
Every Memory Has A Golden Name
Decoration has long been a favorite outlet for me in my life. I’ve
always taken mundane photographs and added wild elements to them
to spice them up. Drawing on inspiration from Victorian cartouches and
similar forms of adornments, I have created a series of chandelier-like
forms covered in filigree and flowers. Within this beautiful setting are
hidden secret scenes from my childhood and my private thought life.
Scenes that, long ago, seemed to too shameful to reveal to anyone,
but now seem to require some measure of decoration much like a
reverent monument to a lost part of myself.

Irene Wills
Her vision for her art is to focus on nature and the landscape around
me. Her interpretations are all in the spirit of American impressionists.
"Since I am essentially a colorist, color gives me many of my
inspirations. I have been painting for 25 years and have worked in
watercolor and oils- now I concentrate on oils. I am attracted to any
garden views and landscapes."

Ellen Sadler
She has always loved the beauty of nature, the scope of color and the
subject matter to be discovered in creation. She has a special interest
in the delicacy and excitement of watercolors, which she has
manifested in her paintings for many years. More recently, Ellen has
broadened the medium of expression of her artistic interests to include

Featured Artist in our Boutique Space:
Gathering Spriggs

Gathering Spriggs is a creative business shared by friends Heather
Spriggs-Thompson and Eve Peach. They gather inspiration from nature
to create handmade items as seen at Twist. Look for their Valentine
inspired merchandise this month.

In our affordable art boutique in the back room, you will find a variety
of work by local artists. These small scale purchases are a great way to
start a collection or support your favorite artist. Visitors may peruse an
ever-changing assortment of original works as well as some fun limited-
edition pieces. These works are priced from $5 to $250 and are
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