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nashville scene this week... Souvenir: Part 1

Nashville Scene

Souvenir: Part 1
May 1-30
@ Downtown Presbyterian Church 154 Fifth Ave. N. (map)
Nashville DOWNTOWN
Openings & Events

When artist-cum-Nashvillegirl Beth Gilmore was recently featured in our “People” issue, it was more a salute to a local treasure than hype for the hip. A Nashvillian born and raised, Gilmore is graduating from Watkins this spring and debuting her senior show at two local landmarks that are directly connected to her work: Belmont Mansion and Downtown Presbyterian Church. The artist has worked at the mansion for years and even transformed some of its august spaces with her audacious installations. Gilmore is also an artist-in-residence at the Downtown Presbyterian Church, where she has organized a number of exhibits and events in addition to her roles as curator and co-owner of Twist Gallery. The church will host this first part of Gilmore's opus. The mansion will host a second exhibit in June. free
— Joe Nolan


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experiancing technical difficultys...please stand by

Meeting the Real "Bones" Author Dr. Reichs

Forensic Institute for Research and Education presents:


Legends in Forensic Science Lectureships

Dr. Kathy Reichs

April 14, 2010
7:00 PM
(book signing to follow)

Murphy Center
Middle Tennessee State University

Kathy Reichs’s first novel Déjà Dead catapulted her to fame when it became a New York Times bestseller and won the 1997 Ellis Award for Best First Novel. Her other Temperance Brennan novels include Death du Jour, Deadly Décisions, Fatal Voyage, Grave Secrets, Bare Bones, Monday Mourning, Cross Bones, Break No Bones, Bones to Ashes, Devil Bones, and 206 Bones, Spider Bones (August, 2010). Dr. Reichs is a producer of the hit Fox TV series, Bones, which is based on her work and her novels.

From teaching FBI agents how to detect and recover human remains, to separating and identifying commingled body parts in her Montreal lab, as a forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs has brought her own dramatic work experience to her mesmerizing forensic thrillers. For years she consulted to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina, and continues to do so for the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Québec. Dr. Reichs has travelled to Rwanda to testify at the UN Tribunal on Genocide, and helped exhume a mass grave in Guatemala. As part of her work at JPAC (Formerly CILHI) she aided in the identification of war dead from World War II, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Reichs also assisted with identifying remains found at ground zero of the World Trade Center following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Dr. Reichs is one of only eighty-two forensic anthropologists ever certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. She served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of both the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and is currently a member of the National Police Services Advisory Council in Canada. She is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

Dr. Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D. at Northwestern. She now divides her time between Charlotte, NC and Montreal, Québec.

Presented to you by the Forensic Institute for Research and Education, Distinguished Lecturer's Fund, College of Liberal Arts, Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies, and Phillips Bookstore.

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and now for something completely different

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Twist Art Gallery presents J Todd Greene at the Werthan Mills Loft lobby

for a second time there are new works ....

Twist Art Gallery presents J Todd Greene at the Werthan Mills Loft lobby

images to follow shortly

Todd is in a really awesome band too...

Twist at the Rabbit press party

The Rabbit Press is back, and this time we want to invite everyone out to a FREE event sponsored by The Exit/In's Rock The Block Series.

EXCEPT this time the party happens at THE EXIT/IN AND THE END ON THE SAME NIGHT.

We will have a total of 12 bands on two stages right across the street from each other. We are doing our best to schedule the bands so that it will be possible to at least catch a glimpse of every act if you want to run back and forth across Elliston!

Also, each venue will be highlighting an art show curated by a local art gallery.

The Exit/In will feature a show curated by Twist Art Gallery of Art work by Lucha of Oliver and Lucha

while The End will be feature a show curated by Open Lot Art Gallery.

Music will include:

At The Exit/In:
The Hollywood Ten

Kopecky Family Band


Evan P. Donohue


Reno Bo

At The End:
Spider Friends

Daniel Pujol

Diarrhea Planet

Frank The Fuck Out

Dozen Dimes

The Mattoid


We will have Break-dancers - you don't want to miss this.

There will be limited release Rabbit Press merch.

All of this is being held to officially launch:
(content up April 6th)

Also, there is a follow-up event on May 4th, so come out and support The Rabbit and your local bands and artists for a damn good free show, you will want to be able to say you were at both 4/6 and 5/4 - quite possibly the largest FREE shows ever done in Nashville!! (at least this day and age)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Twist Art Gallery presents: Every Memory Has A Golden Name

Twist Art Gallery presents:
Every Memory Has A Golden Name
Irene Wills , Mark Sloniker and Ellen Sadler
April 3 - 25, 2010

Mark Sloniker grew up in rural Wisconsin, the son of a factory
worker/wood craftsman and a substitute teacher. He spent most of his
youth in the woods watching the animals and putting on operas among
the trees.

In high school, he studied music and took a few art courses. He
received an associate arts degree from Cornerstone College and a
Bachelor of Music from Millikin University.

In 1997 Mark moved to Nashville. Through small steps and good
friends, he started taking freelance jobs in commercial art while also
working at a non-profit organization. He eventually quit the non-profit
and took various jobs ranging from the decorative arts to graphic

In 2004, he was approached by his friends who make up the band
Venus Hum to do the artwork for their next album, The Colors In The
Wheel. This collaboration grew to encompass everything visual for
them including CDs, posters, and even characters.

Currently, he is employed by Animax Designs as a workshop supervisor
building puppets for major theme parks all over the world.

Artist Statement:
Every Memory Has A Golden Name
Decoration has long been a favorite outlet for me in my life. I’ve
always taken mundane photographs and added wild elements to them
to spice them up. Drawing on inspiration from Victorian cartouches and
similar forms of adornments, I have created a series of chandelier-like
forms covered in filigree and flowers. Within this beautiful setting are
hidden secret scenes from my childhood and my private thought life.
Scenes that, long ago, seemed to too shameful to reveal to anyone,
but now seem to require some measure of decoration much like a
reverent monument to a lost part of myself.

Irene Wills
Her vision for her art is to focus on nature and the landscape around
me. Her interpretations are all in the spirit of American impressionists.
"Since I am essentially a colorist, color gives me many of my
inspirations. I have been painting for 25 years and have worked in
watercolor and oils- now I concentrate on oils. I am attracted to any
garden views and landscapes."

Ellen Sadler
She has always loved the beauty of nature, the scope of color and the
subject matter to be discovered in creation. She has a special interest
in the delicacy and excitement of watercolors, which she has
manifested in her paintings for many years. More recently, Ellen has
broadened the medium of expression of her artistic interests to include

Featured Artist in our Boutique Space:
Gathering Spriggs

Gathering Spriggs is a creative business shared by friends Heather
Spriggs-Thompson and Eve Peach. They gather inspiration from nature
to create handmade items as seen at Twist. Look for their Valentine
inspired merchandise this month.

In our affordable art boutique in the back room, you will find a variety
of work by local artists. These small scale purchases are a great way to
start a collection or support your favorite artist. Visitors may peruse an
ever-changing assortment of original works as well as some fun limited-
edition pieces. These works are priced from $5 to $250 and are
available for immediate purchase.

Twist Art Gallery presents...Minor Victory

images by Chris Kerr



Twist Art Gallery presents...Minor Victory: a group show Featuring
print makers from Nashville and Chicago
opening May 1st from 6-9pm as part of the First Saturday Art Crawl in
Downtown Nashville's Historic Arcade
Show runs May 1st through May 29th 2010

Driving through parts of Nashville can eerily remind one of being
somewhere in Chicago, and there is the same feeling of sprawl and
desolation. At times, this feels like we are part of one great
American city. However, this is not the case as both cities have their
own rich and historical identity and are separated and encircled by
America’s farms and countryside. Both Nashville and Chicago are home
to and have been home to many iconic and notorious characters. John
Wayne Gacy, Bill Murray, Hugh Hefner, Donald Rumsfeld, Michelle Obama,
and countless Blues legends hail from Chicago. Nashville has its own
cast of great and infamous characters: country stars that are too
numerous to count, the notorious Bettie Page, and even the bumbling
Fred Thompson. The artists in “Minor Victory” are the proverbial
pumpkin seeds in the melon we call America, and they have walked down
the same streets and alleys as Al Capone and Johnny Cash. As to be
expected, any show combining artist from these cities will be weird at
best. “Minor Victory” has an eclectic mix of irreverent images that
lampoon the idea of the traditional print alongside images that push
abstraction toward its own ambiguous goal. Somehow, the artists in
this show continue to work with an eye to the future as the country
goes through an unsettling economic down turn. This show offers the
viewing public a reprieve from the daily saturation of familiar images
seen on the ever present viewing screen, and gives back a little
something more to mull over.

Keith Herzik
Mark Hosford
Lesley Patterson Marx
Hans Schmidt Matzen
Manuel Zeitlin
Brady Haston
Chris Kerr
Patrick DeGuira
DeeDee Scacci
Jennifer Leach
Tom Stack
Paul Nudd