Friday, March 05, 2010

Oliver and Lucha at Twist Art Gallery

Nashville Scene
Oliver and Lucha at Twist
It Takes Two
Joe Nolan

Stumbling by Oliver and Lucha's MySpace page — yes, people still have those — is an experience that could be described as “horrifically cute” or “painfully colorful.” Sounding equally inviting and protective, Twist curator Beth Gilmore laughs, “Wait until you see the gallery!” A pair of Georgia peaches, the two-headed-girl-monster that is Oliver and Lucha combines installation, drawing, sound, sculpture and puppets to express a range of ideas inspired by everyone and everything from Doctor Seuss to stuffed animals and bubble gum. Attempting to create greater connection with their audience, the pair often incorporates scratch-and-sniff elements, touch-friendly textures and wearable art into their tripped-out, candy-coated affairs. We won't give away any secrets, but be prepared to check out some totally tubular sounds at this eye-popping exhibit.