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A new month, a new moon, and new artists on the scene

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Inspired by art? By all means, come one … come all to Nashville. Nashville is not just a place where you are quick to see aspiring musicians and songwriters play their latest tunes as they walk across the street at all times of day and night. No; if you haven’t noticed yet, Nashville is becoming something much much more. It is slowly becoming the epicenter of visual art in the South. It is a place where young and old artists are coming together to call home all the while helping promote each others’ works, hopes and visions.
That being written, this weekend holds another handful of treats if treats are what you are seeking. Well-known artists Sydney Reichman and Kaaren Hirschowitz Engel will be present at the Centennial Art Center tonight from 5-7pm to display new pieces, answer any questions from the audience, and also give everyone a free glimpse into their creative process by offering the visitors on hand hands on demonstrations on how they done it! It sure sounds like a great appetizer for the other creative happenings to prepare for tomorrow.
What creative happenings am I typing about? Well, within the First Saturday Art Crawl, I instantly gravitated towards three specific things that I am very excited about to share with you personally (if reading about them on the internet via a story on Examiner is personal for you). The first attention grabber, not shockingly, came in the arrival of another fascinating installation at Twist Gallery. Oliver and Lucha is a wonderful wedding of puppetry and printmaking. Combining Oliver’s take on illustrations, paintings, and creative puppets matched alongside Lucha Rodriguez’s print work will make you believe you just walked into a room where Dr. Seuss, Shel Siverstein, and Jim Henson all worked on the same project. Yep, you could call it magical.
After Twist, head on over to The Rymer Gallery once more to introduce yourself to Layered: new works by Dan Addington. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by such an introduction, but you will surely be in awe of the new series beside Layered that was put together one of my local favorites, L.A. Bachman called The Big Break Up: This is not a love story. Inspired by continental movement, all of the materials used in Bachman’s latest series were provided by the Professional Development Support Grant she received for 2010.
And speaking of professional development, please put your hands together and feet in motion in order to welcome and attend one of my family friend’s Nashville art debut within a group exhibition at the Davis Art Advisory/The Showroom. After growing up in parts of Kentucky, moving to Chicago for a bit to share her art and talents with the windy city masses, Amanda Sears is happy to call Nashville her home and base (home base if you will) to launch her next creative moves as an artist, actress and fashion stylist. Feel free to stop by any time between 6-9pm so you can catch a glimpse of this newly arrived talent and excitement surrounding a much awaited arrival on the art scene.
So if the above is not enough to get you excited about art in Nashville for the weekend ahead, then this might be the wrong Examiner page for you. No matter what you get into, be safe and be kind to one another. And don’t laugh at that guy singing his song and playing his guitar while crossing the street … try joining in and singing along!
Chuck Beard