Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Nashville Gallery Examiner: Everyone can use a good church'n up

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Everyone can use a good church'n up
December 1, 8:55 AM Nashville Galleries Examiner Chuck Beard

Waffle Shop
Nashville's Downtown Presbyterian Church
I’d say by now that the after effects of last weekend’s turkey debacle have begun to subside your hunger as it has mine for birds, fresh-oven rolls, and homemade pies. I think my stomach is now growling out of relief instead of anger. I figure why not celebrate this newfound relief by treating myself with and telling all of my closest friends (you) about a great deal on waffles!

Pause as my stomach giggles.

Yep, I said it! This Thursday, December 3, from 11am-2pm, the Downtown Presbyterian Church is opening its Waffle Shop for the 84th time. Begun in 1926, the Downtown Presbyterian Church is continuing its bread and butter fundraiser event by inviting you to come over and visit with them and waffles, turkey hash/sausage, grits, coffee/spiced tea, baked goods, craft items, and their ever elusive cheese wafer for the mere price of $6 per person. All of the money raised from the event goes towards the church building fund and church ministries, like feeding the homeless every Wednesday and Sunday.

As you may or may not already know, the Downtown Presbyterian Church has not only become an immense help for the local homeless by providing food, shelter, support and positive direction, it has also developed into quite the central hub for many local artists to hone their own talents within the church’s artist-in-residency program. In exchange for studio space, chosen artists are more than happy to lend helping hands within a variety of church functions and donate their artistic knowledge to others wanting to create something more for themselves. One such artist that has participated in this program and is opening a solo show this Saturday, December 5th at the Twist 58 Gallery is local talent Sarah Shearer.

Shearer, always creating work that permeates deeper than whatever the canvas reveals, has carried on along her artist statement by attempting to do work that reflects her ideas that have stemmed from countless questions flying around her own head. This show, appropriately called Sarah Shearer: Seven Questions is built around the foundation of the following questions:
What is meaningful?
What is superficial?
What makes me happy?
Why do those things make me happy?
What is beauty?
Why are some things that are beautiful labeled superficial?
Does beauty equal weakness in your eyes?

So come out to Twist and Twist 58 Gallery this Saturday, December 5th, from 6-9pm and check out the best of Shearer’s (as well as the exhibit Three Ways Different: works by Dona Berotti, Rob McClurg and Cristina Viscu too) latest efforts. Maybe you can ask the artist for some of the answers she found within her work regarding to her introspective questions. Maybe, if you’re not scared to look deeper, you will find answers to some of your own questions as well!

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