Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jessica White at Twist Art Gallery January 2010

Jessica C. White at Twist Art Gallery #73 : January 2010

Similar to the way animals were used in folktales and ancient mythologies to explain the mysterious world of the past, I create images with animals that attempt to make sense of uncertainties in our world today. Children’s book images, medieval bestiaries, and folk tales inspire my investigations both visually and textually. Much of my exploration revolves around good versus evil, right and wrong, justice, and wonder.

I relocated to Asheville, NC after graduating in the spring of 2009 from University of Iowa with an MFA in printmaking and a Graduate Certificate in Book Studies. There, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I established Heroes & Criminals Press, a fine press following in the tradition of artisans in the crafts of printing and bookbinding, but with the driving principle that “small animals make first paths” - ordinary people can make a big impact on the world through simple, everyday actions. Through the press, my goal is to create my own work as well as to act as a vehicle for emerging writers. Along with printing and binding, I continue to explore ideas through painting and drawing.