Monday, August 31, 2009

Twist visits 1979

Twistin' The Night Away
At Welcome To 1979

Like Visual Art?
Like Music?

Saturday, September
12th Twist Art Galleries and
Welcome to 1979 Recording
Studio are joining forces to
present a visual art showing in an audio setting. The
event is designed to blur the line even further amongst the
arts community by engaging all 5 senses.

Upon entering visitors will experience installations by
Mandy Stolle and Nick Stoller, photographs by Elizabeth
Streight, paintings by Kelly Bondies, and prints by Beth
Gilmore. After marveling at all that the first level
has to offer, guests are encourgaged to journey upstairs for
the interactive audio portion of the night which takes place
in the recording studio. This shall include a performance
painting by Kat Dickie, an interactive artistic
collaboration/gallery facilitated by Natalie Prass, 1,000+
vinyl records that guests are encouraged to play,
refrigerator art by Jay Millar,
and snacks. Bring a friend, an open-mind, and all of
your senses.

September 12th 8
p.m. - 1 a.m
Where: Welcome
to 1979 Recording Studio

1110 48th Ave. N.
Neil "O'Neill" Anderson