Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nashville Galleries Examiner

Nashville Galleries Examiner
Chuck Beard

My, oh my, it’s already that time again for another downtown Nashville First Saturday Art Crawl. This Saturday, June 11th, the sun will set and the lights will turn on to shine on some of the finest artwork around. It’s by no means ‘two for Tuesday’ being that it is already Thursday and all, but I would like to take a moment to let you in on two locations-aside from your regular art spots all over town-that are sure to inspire you.
For sheer numbers and timing, you certainly don’t want to miss out on seeing two simultaneous exhibitions at the same place, both at the Twist Art Gallery. First on the list at Twist, Five + 5, is a group exhibition that is making a special stop in Nashville from July 11th – 25th having already spent a month in Tampa, Florida and Atlanta Georgia and heading towards Fresno, California after departing Music City. Including work from artists such as Cameron Brian, Robbie Land, Diran Lyons, Jasmine Schurrer, and Atsushi Tameda among five others is an effort featuring unframed works on paper from (5) art-affiliated artists and five additional guest artists.
Second on the list at Twist might be a favorite pastime of many people but with a change of the name. I’m not sure what you used to call it, I know my names were changed some what, but also starting this Saturday and running through the 25th of July is WE ARE GOING TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT MEEMAW AND POP-POP’S. This exhibition will focus on the work by artist Nick Stolle. A recent Watkins grad, Nick’s current show will center on themes of shame, longing, and hope.
Speaking of hope and major themes, my advice is to go out and see hope firsthand in person as seen in the picture above. All you have to do is make the quick hop on over to Tinney Contemporary any time between 6-9 pm to witness Donny Smutz’s Out of My Mind. An up and coming, self-taught, and often controversial, artist, one of Donny’s paintings in an exhibition last year was actually slashed with a box-cutter by a visitor who thought his depiction of Catholic nuns in random positions were irreverent. This time around, Donny’s latest controversial piece as seen above is a large acrylic representation of President Barack Obama hanging on a cross as a perceived savior beside Oprah Winfrey interviewing him in front of her flock all the while Ronald McDonald offering him a quick fix cheeseburger. There is a point that you’ll see in these surreal visions and you may even possibly find that point by attending the show that closes this Saturday and asking the artist himself.
My point is that you won’t see anything special unless you get out there and crawl … or walk … or just get up, get out and do something.