Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nashville Scene: Jen Cartwright and Off the Wall at Twist

Nashville Scene

Jen Cartwright and Off the Wall at Twist
Got Any Papers?
Joe Nolan

Paper artist and bookmaker Jen Cartwright has found a way to leap from the page, creating sculptural forms that defy the fragile, fibrous media of which they are made. With just a few tweaks to her paper craft, Cartwright has devised a way to leave the two-dimensional plane behind in favor of the flexible, biomorphic forms that she displays in her new show at the Twist Gallery space at 73 Arcade. Not surprisingly, the organic shapes find their inspiration in the Ph.D. candidate's biology studies. The Off the Wall artists’ group will bring their works on paper, photography, paintings and multimedia work to Twist's space at 58 Arcade. While each artist brings his or her own unique voice to the proceedings, all the work in this new show reflects the group’s shared conceptual preoccupations with curious materials. Off the Wall includes Quinn Dukes, Janet Heilbronn, Mahlea Jones, Jenny Luckett, Jaime Raybin, and Iwonka Waskowski, whose intuitive images allude to body-forms, suggesting the figurative within the abstract and pairing nicely with Cartwright's work.