Friday, February 13, 2009

Nashville Scene critic's pick this week

Twist Art Gallery

Works by Duncan McDaniel

Duncan McDaniel at Twist's Space 58
Loving the Alien
Joe Nolan

Twist Gallery is becoming the Japanese monster of downtown art spaces, gobbling up square footage and opportunities at a pace that would find Godzilla himself reaching for the Prilosec. How appropriate that the first permanent tenant in their new space at 58 Arcade is Duncan McDaniel, a young artist whose fantastical work--including drawing, painting and installation art--explores a world where surreal is the new black. The storefront of 58 will still host rotating shows, but the back space will be McDaniel's studio. His current exhibition fills the space and features an installation of Zen-inspired monoliths that hang from a ceilingful of white helium balloons, as well as a collection of drawings and paintings that range from biomorphic abstracts to narrative canvases that read like film stills from a late-night double feature.