Sunday, November 16, 2008

Savage Knights w/Hudson-Maddox Complex at Twist Art Gallery

from the Nashville Scene...

Savage Knights w/Hudson-Maddox Complex
Date/Time:Sat., November 22, 12:00pm

Arcade Fire
Jack Silverman

Instead of tormenting your mind watching the battle for Biggest SEC Embarrassment that is Saturday afternoon’s Vandy/Tennessee game, why not expand it with some truly mind-bending sounds? Raleigh, N.C.’s Savage Knights create compelling instrumental music that blends the noirish intensity of a Tarantino soundtrack with Ethiopiques-style harmonies, splashes of Moog, droning horns and dissonant explosions. (And they have a band member named “Crowmeat Bob”—need I say more?) The bill also features kindred (if somewhat spacier) spirits Hudson-Maddox Complex, featuring keyboardist Joseph Hudson and saxophonist (and Scene art critic) Dave Maddox. The duo’s unhurried, ambient excursions converge and weave apart like a strand of DNA. And better yet, it all takes place in Nashville’s coolest building, The Arcade.

Twist Art Gallery
73 Arcade
Nashville, TN