Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Twist critic's pick

From the Nashville Scene critics picks this week

Process: A One-Night Art Happening
Joe Nolan

No gallery in Nashville has adopted as imaginative or multifaceted an approach to the art game as Twist. They regularly feature un-sellable installation work, supplemented by handmade retail gifts and clothing, while demonstrating real endurance as a downtown pioneer by expanding into satellite locations and one-night events. Process is the latest example of the gallery's signature programming-it's a group art show, but with a twist. Focusing on work by faculty, students and alumni of Watkins College of Art & Design, the show features Iwonka Waskowski, Erin Plew, Nick Stolle, Kelly Bonadies, Sarah Dark and Sarah Shearer. The work on display will be unfinished, prompting a discussion of--wait for it--the artistic process. This show will take place at 214 Third. Ave. S. (between Union and Commerce); simultaneously, a new show by painter Irene Wills will open in Twist's Arcade space.