Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Art Crawl

CARRY NATION: THE ORIGINAL AND FAMOUS BARROOM SMASHERS Twist Gallery is sticking with its current show—Quinn Dukes: The Din of Culture—rather than presenting a new face for tonight’s Art Crawl. However, fans of the gallery know to expect the unexpected from this always-challenging art space. To Compliment Dukes’ work, Twist is hosting a performance by a group of women who are sure to bring a cool happening to a hot night in The Arcade. Carry Nation: The Original and Famous Barroom Smashers, a three-woman band featuring Sherry Cothran, freelance Scene writer Jewly Hight and Sarah Masen, take their name from the (in)famous hatchet-wielding, prohibitionist street preacher. Their music draws on that inspiration, blending evangelical elements, protest music and blues-based rock into one. All three multi-instrumentalists share lead vocals. 6-9 p.m. at Twist Gallery —JOE NOLAN