Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Will Art For Food"


Come on down to the Art Gallery Crawl, and start it off right at the ART-LUCK!

"Will Art For Food" features works by a dozen (and maybe more) artists
Philippa McLachlan, Emily Harper, Brandon Gnetz, Dooby Thompkins, Richard Feaster, Elizabeth Streight, Tasha French, Beth Gilmore, J.Todd Greene, Tom Wills, Iwonka Waskowski, and Amy Vazquez

Bring your Pot Luck dish and celebrate the Downtown Gallery Art Crawl. Think of it as Tailgating for Art!

6:00 PM at The Downtown Presbyterian Church
154 5th Ave. North

At the corner of 5th Ave. and Church Street
In the epicenter of the Downtown Gallery Crawl

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