Sunday, June 24, 2007

too much for one blog

like Liz str8 says

"I'm happy.

Wilco-in-the-rain and our night-dancing-Atlanta/confederate-hotel-staying tells me so."

so yes its true ..i saw Wilco twice this week... and there was a cannon in our hotel lobby

things to blog about :

going to bonnaroo is like being in a western...a ram shackle town built up on the edge of civiliztion.....and the edge of reason..

best shows seen there:

the Flaming Lips
Franz Ferdinand
The White Stripes
the Yard Dogs vaudville style act
sideshow benny and Mrs. Lollypop

i guess i really do want to be a can can girl..ahh... someday

Oxbow coming will be wonder full..

Pin hole cameras can be tricky but we haven't given up.

i'll post more soon life is very full right now...