Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mrs. Masen-Dark and the Misses Gilmore travel abroad

Sarah plays the Greenbelt festival and has two very good roadies :)

Sarah Masen Dark

Bearing a guitar, a wistful voice and a nice turn of phrase, songstress Sarah Masen makes a welcome return to Greenbelt. She weaves words into songs that are delicate yet arresting, dreamlike yet earthed. Tony Cummings of Cross Rhythms praises her “spine-tingling voice and songwriting craft” and Greenbelt veteran Steve Stockman reckons she has a “God-given ability to express the light and the dark and the shades where we all walk in between”.

Sarah hails from Detroit but is now based in Nashville with husband David Dark, an author and fellow Greenbelt contributor. An independent artiste, Sarah has previously released work via Charlie Peacock’s re:think label as well as Word. She’s collaborated with Bela Fleck, Julie Lee and Sam Ashworth and has toured with Martyn Joseph.

A track from her first album made it onto the soundtrack of the Golden Globe-winning TV series Party of Five. Her most recent work is The Dreamlife of Angels. It is born, Sarah tells us, of a fascination with “our miraculously mundane lives”, the warp and weft of the human world. The title is a riff on Shakespeare - Prospero's "we are such stuff as dreams are made on" - and if this stuff really is so fascinating and vital, says Sarah, “shouldn’t somebody be bearing witness and writing it all down?”. Well, we can be thankful that Sarah is writing (and singing) about at least some of it.
Sarah Masen will be at the festival in 2007